CODA Toronto Review

Coda is one of Toronto’s best known dance club/venue that caters to a demanding Techno and Tech-house loving audience. Coda which was formerly known as the Annex Wreck room is located at 794 Bathurst street Toronto.

I recently payed a visit to Coda on January 13th 2017 to see DJ Dennis cruz who is from Spain. From what I saw when I payed my visit is that people dressed pretty much however they felt comfortable. There was people dressed in t-shirts and track pants and then some in dress shirts. Most people were dressed casual.

When talking to a close friend of mine who has been to Coda a great deal of times, he says that one of the best things about the club is that they are always hosting Local Dj’s. After taking a look at some posters that Coda puts out for their events I realized that all the Dj’s who open up for the special guest Dj of the night mostly all local. I noticed names such as: Manzone and Strong, Jay Force, Addy, Joe Conns and Jeremy Stott. I took some time to look up these Dj’s and noticed that they are all Toronto based Dj’s. None of them are known worldwide but from some comments I have read it seems that the people of Toronto really love and appreciate there work. I really love this about Coda because it supports and gives all our local talent a chance to play their music and do what they love for the people of Toronto.


Coda itself is not a very big space, however the dance floor is very open. The layout is pretty simple and I thought it worked out great! when you first walk in there is the main bar the runs all the way down the back wall. On the opposite side of the bar is the DJ booth/stage. Just off to the left when facing the DJ booth/stage there is an elevated area with a smaller bar and some couches for people to hang out on. Running down the left and right side from the bar to the DJ booth/stage they have booths which look really nice and spacious, The booths hold up to about 10 people. having a booth gives you the opportunity to buy 750ml bottles from the venue.

Drinks in this venue are reasonably priced with beers ranging from $6.50 (domestic) to $7 or $8 (imports). Mixed drinks also start at $6.25 and go upwards from there. Water and flavored Aquafina bottles are both $4.25.

I feel that this club was designed specifically for the music! Coda has an amazing PK sound system installed that really gives you a great listening experience. The lights installed are one of the best i have seen personally. They have beams on the ceiling that are constantly moving and it makes for a great visual show to go hand in hand with the amazing music.

Coda is constantly booking great DJ’s to come play at their venue. on January 27th DJ Eats Everything will be making his Toronto debut .

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