Ultra Miami Review


My first time attending any concert or festival outside of Toronto was last march. I attended Ultra Miami music festival in March of 2016. I must say it was an experience of a lifetime and I enjoyed every minute of it. First off being able to leave the cold of Toronto to the heat of Miami for a 3-day festival is amazing. For the genre of music I listen to which is Techno and Tech-house Ultra Miami catered to that exceptionally. They had 4 stages and one stag was driven to dj’s who only play Techno and Tech-house. The vibe inside the event is amazing. The warm weather the festival goers and the dj’s are all at there best.


I witnessed some amazing sets from some of my favourite dj’s. But one of the most incredible parts of the festival was the stage! The resistance spider stage by arcadia was so incredibly done with the visuals and light show. The stage is set up from the center, platforms jut out with metallic tree-like sculptures rising from each extremity. Watching smoke billowing out from its spidery legs, and over the top of the DJ booth, creating the illusion of that creepy smoldering image. A smaller side stage that not many knew about called the 7UP stage was a complete hidden gem. If you had the opportunity to experience the stage you were lucky. A small handful of festival goers were allowed onto the stage a time, right next to the DJ. The bass was incredible, creating a truly unique experience. After all the festivals I have attended in Toronto and comparing them to Ultra, there is nothing close in Toronto that can compare to what Ultra did. There was something about attending that festival that did wonders for me, I don’t think I will ever enjoy a Toronto festival or show again.


Of all the amazing dj’s I saw at ultra there was 3 that really stood out to me because there sets were so energetic and groovy. Number 3 would be Seth troxler, his set at night was so groovy and had everyone dancing, plus the light show on the arcadia stag was spectacular. Number 2 would have to go to a dj who before ultra I had no idea who he was and that is Technasia. As soon as he stepped foot on that stag he played the hardest and grooviest techno set I have ever heard. Playing a hard and groovy techno set it ridiculously hard and they way he delivered it was incredible. Number 1 set and dj’s I heard is by far no questions asked Skream b2b Lee foss. This set was out of this world. I can barley describe how good it was because I couldn’t believe it my self. These guys stepped onto that stag and took control of everyone’s body. Not a single person once stood still or sat down during there day time set. They had everyone grooving to there minimal tech-house set. It was one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed. The mood change in the crowed was something I cant explain it was just a be there moment and it gives me Goosebumps thinking of it. For more information on Ultra Miami visit their website!


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